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What is tungsten carbide tips

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Carbide ( Or rather called Tungsten Carbide and Titanium Carbide) is normal materials which are widely used for any kinds of cutting tools. For example: Saw Blades, Lathe Tools, Drill, Turning and Milling Tools and Dental Bits are always made from Carbide Materials. Carbide is widely used at these tools because carbide's wear-resistant, sharper and useful time is longer than other materials. In additional, carbide balls are also used in pen tips, because it is more wear-resistant.
Like tools of tungsten carbide saw blades, its main body is made from Steel. Tungsten Carbide Tips is brazed on the saw blades. Fine-quality tungsten carbide tips is excellent wear-resistant, its useful time can up to 20 times than Steel tips.
Tungsten carbide tips has turned in the last, but you can re-grind them just like you grind steel tools, but tungsten carbide tips is harder, so grinding tools is different. Normally, we use diamond tools or tungsten carbide grinding wheels.
Most of the whole tools are not made from carbide, because carbide's price is very expensive and it is very brittle. So, steel is better materials which are used for making main body, it is more stronger, not easy to crack and broken.
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