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Using Tungsten Carbide In Mining Applications

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The mining industry has one of the highest demands for tools that have high wear-resistant, as working in a mine involves cutting through hard rock, often spanning several miles. Having tools that are resistant to wear means the company doesn’t have to replace their tools often, preventing money lost due to down times. Thus, there is a need for tungsten carbide coating of tools that do not wear out easily, ensuring continued productivity for longer periods of time.

Before the use of these tungsten carbide coating tools, mining was primarily done using pick axes and shovels, to be replaced later on by tools made of steel. Where shovels relied on pure manpower to get the job done, steel tools did a better job, albeit, they were susceptible to wear.

Then came carbide tools. Since tools made of tungsten carbide are tougher and more wear-resistant, these tools are able to perform their job faster and for a longer time when compared to steel tools.

Mining companies are always on the lookout for more abrasion resistant tools beyond the usual tungsten carbide-coated tools. Cemented carbide was developed by combining tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, and cobalt. This combination is even harder than regular carbine, while further improving ordinary tungsten carbine’s heat resistance ability.

Diamond may also be added to the tools, as diamond is the toughest material on the planet, which can easily cut through practically any material.

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